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As I mentioned in my last post, New England Home has launched a Connecticut edition and I couldn’t be more excited. In the premiere issue, I did an artist profile on Cornelia Kubler Kavanagh, a sculptor who translates the beauty and brutality of nature into sensuous form. Read about her amazing work (as seen below) and see the gorgeous interior designs in the magazine which is on sale at many of the major book and grocery stores in Fairfield County. For those of you who can’t get hold of the actual magazine, click here for Cornelia’s story.


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I’m excited to report that New England Home magazine has launched a Connecticut edition and I’m so pleased to have been asked to contribute a piece for the premiere issue.

The magazine, which offers a sophisticated look at area designers, architects, products and artists,  is now expanding its focus to the exceptional design world to be found in Fairfield County.

In this era of rough seas for the publishing biz it does my heart good to see such a lovely and esteemed magazine float confidently through the flotsam.


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I met husband and wife photographers Wendy Carlson and John  Kane when we did a magazine shoot together a while back.  I love the way Wendy captures a broad range of subjects with unpretentious elegance and, like the Momix and Pilobolus dancers that he works with, John’s photography elicits lyric and rhythm in human form.

I look forward to working with them again soon!

Photo courtesy of Wendy Carlson Photography

Photo courtesy of Wendy Carlson Photography

Photo Courtesy of Wendy Carlson Photography

Photo courtesy of Wendy Carlson Photography

Photo courtesy of Wendy Carlson Photography

Photo courtesy of Silver Sun Studio

Photo courtesy of Silver Sun Studio

Photo courtesy of Silver Sun Studio

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Click here to order it on Amazon!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s heeere!!.

Popular radio host, Binnie Klein, has just released her new book: Blows to the Head: How Boxing Changed my Mind and I can’t wait to read it!

Judging by the blurbs on the publisher’s website, this id-romp of a memoir is destined to be read and reread by anyone who has ever grappled with the intricacies of  self concept, and anyone who appreciates how the mysterious hiccups of everyday life can dictate our paths.

Nice Blurb: “Until now, I have avoided anything to do with boxing on the grounds that it was brutal and uncivilized. Reading Binnie Klein’s elegantly literary, funny, philosophical, moving, and endlessly intriguing Blows to the Head has changed my mind! It’s a wonderful discovery.” — Katharine Weber, author of True Confections and Triangle

Nice Plug: In a story that will captivate and inspire women and men, athletes and nonathletes, Klein shows us that if we turn over the “weird stones” on our path, the ones we usually ignore, we may find ourselves on an unexpected journey that will summon vitality back into our lives.

Why not?: When Binnie Klein took up boxing in her mid-fifties, the reaction from friends and acquaintances was always the same: “You?” Why, after all, would a middle-aged Jewish psychotherapist with no previous history of athletics take up boxing?

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Welcome to 2010 everyone!

I’m pleased to kick off a new season by posting some images from virtuoso designer Amie Weitzman.  The former Design Director for Joseph Abboud Inc. and designer for the Ralph Lauren Home Collection, Weitzman’s alchemy of earthy textures and crisp editing give all of her spaces a livable agelessness.  To punctuate that mix, she brings the same creative vision that she was known for as a fabric designer to her custom furnishings and textiles.  I am excited to be doing a story on her amazing Connecticut lake house for the March issue of Litchfield Magazine (see story here) and hope to publish a piece on another beautiful home she did in Westchester before long.


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Photo via Flickr

Sure, it’s a cliche, but there really is nothing more nostalgic than the image of a child at Christmas time. No matter how different our individual experiences have been, most of us share some universal flashback of the awe and anticipation that colorful lights, cheesy carols and once-a-year confections bring- reminding us of a long lost vibrancy and openness which often evaporates as we grow older.

I recently saw an 8mm movie of me as a baby-  bubble-butted from droopy diaper, bonnet upon peach fuzz head, dirty hands, drooly face, boundless energy – toddling among what must have seemed like a carnival of wonders, but was really just the tragic refuse on a trailor-trashy lawn.  It reminds me this Christmas that gifts can come in any form you care to receive them, if you can manage to tap into the expansiveness of a child’s imagination. (I find vintage Christmas cartoons and champagne helps to reproduce the effect – –  the cartoons are optional.)

The photo above comes courtesy of a Flickr stream called; When the Journey Collapses, where they offer a number of their own personal holiday pix which are strangely familiar because they are just so darn every family USA. It really could be my bubble butt, and peach fuzz head! Thanks WtJC..

…and a joyful, cozy and occasionally childish Christmas to all!

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sm_GGroc-WDWent to the opening reception for Ella Vickers‘ flagship shop on the avenue in Greenwich last evening. Ella is a charming and talented sailor and entrepreneur who began designing bags out of the retired sailcloth of the yacht Columbia, the first 12-meter vessel to win the Americas cup, after sailing on her as first mate. The well-edited designs, superb construction and utter usability of the bags made them an immediate success with boating aficionados in the loop. Now Ella Vickers Sailcloth Collection (EVSC) is busting out into the broader market. The season may be over here in New England, but you don’t need to be a boater to fall in love with this eco-friendly bags.

Along-side Ella’s bags and accessories in this high-rent neighborhood, is the sublime portraiture of photographer Koren Reyes.  Check out the pets and maternity pictures on her beautiful website; Korenreyes.com. She somehow manages to turn what could be unbearable cuteness into true art.


Recycled Sailcloth Hand Bag with Rope/Sailing Line Handles & Black Star


San Francisco Backside Shoulder Bag


Sailcloth shower curtain


Sailcloth Garment Bag


Sailcloth Tote with Rope/Sailing Line and Laser Sail Insignia

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