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Photo via Flickr

Sure, it’s a cliche, but there really is nothing more nostalgic than the image of a child at Christmas time. No matter how different our individual experiences have been, most of us share some universal flashback of the awe and anticipation that colorful lights, cheesy carols and once-a-year confections bring- reminding us of a long lost vibrancy and openness which often evaporates as we grow older.

I recently saw an 8mm movie of me as a baby-  bubble-butted from droopy diaper, bonnet upon peach fuzz head, dirty hands, drooly face, boundless energy – toddling among what must have seemed like a carnival of wonders, but was really just the tragic refuse on a trailor-trashy lawn.  It reminds me this Christmas that gifts can come in any form you care to receive them, if you can manage to tap into the expansiveness of a child’s imagination. (I find vintage Christmas cartoons and champagne helps to reproduce the effect – –  the cartoons are optional.)

The photo above comes courtesy of a Flickr stream called; When the Journey Collapses, where they offer a number of their own personal holiday pix which are strangely familiar because they are just so darn every family USA. It really could be my bubble butt, and peach fuzz head! Thanks WtJC..

…and a joyful, cozy and occasionally childish Christmas to all!


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Wishing you all…

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