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WOW! I just received a Kreativ Blogger Award from Monika at Splendid Willow – A splendid blog indeed.  Splendid Willow is a trove of delicious images with a focus on the best of Swedish design- with its serene, time kissed, breathable spaces- and when we are lucky, pictures of her beautiful family too. Monika was just named as a well-deserving recipient of the award and was gracious enough to pay it forward to seven of her favorite blogs, including EMD Design Journal!  It is suggested that the honorees share seven things about ourselves but I’ll use that platform to show you a few of the amazing blogs that I think are worthy of their own awards…

Thanks again for your warm and enthusiastic support Monika. And thanks to every EMD Design Journal reader for stopping by!!

My Kreativ Blogger Award picks

slightly me's weblog

all the mountains

the paris apartment

just three things



Living Lab


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